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If you've been charged with a DUI it's very important that you take the time to read through all of the available information so you know what exactly you are charged with and what your rights are. A DUI charge is definitely confusing because there are actually multiple things that you could be charged with when you get a DUI.

Itís important following a DUI arrest to immediately contact a qualified DUI defense attorney. This is a serious criminal charge. A DUI lawyer can even assist you with your civil proceeding with the department of motor vehicles.

Arrested for Driving Under the Influence?
What To Do After A Drunk Driving Arrest.

The first thing to be aware of is that there are 2 main things you need to be concerned with about your DUI charge. The first is the criminal charge and the second is the actions the DMV will take against your license due to your Driving Under the Influence offense. Understand that they are 2 separate charges and you need to deal with each and not just the criminal DUI charge.

In most cases the DMV has already taken action against your drivers license and if you do not request a hearing within a specified amount of time (normally 10 days depending on the state) they will suspend your driving privilege before you are even convicted of Driving Under the Influence. On the DUI citation that you received there should be some indication as to how you can request a DMV hearing to delay the suspension of your drivers license. An attorney can request a hearing for you and take care of the paperwork process and even represent you during the hearing. Itís important to always ask your DUI defense attorney about the questions you have surrounding your Driving Under the Influence charge.

If you decide not to retain a DUI lawyer, you can call the telephone number listed on the DUI citation and schedule the appointment yourself. But remember time is of the essence when it comes to getting that hearing scheduled. You only have 10 days (or whatever amount of time is indicated on your DUI citation) to schedule it or you WILL lose your driving priviledge.

If convicted you will also be required to get what's known as an SR22 insurance policy as a condition for the DMV to reinstate your drivers license. SR22 insurance policies are simply high risk auto insurance policies that cost alot of money. There are alot of bad deals out there when it comes to sr22 insurance policies so you'll want to be careful of the small companies that prey on people that get Driving Under the Influence offenses.

Even if you have not been convicted yet, it won't hurt you to fill out a quote to see what the difference in premiums will be. Actually many have told us that if you fill out the quote before conviction the price is lower.

Driving Under the Influence Conviction records have had a "stigma" to them for a long time. State laws and public opinion of people with drunk driving conviction records have become very tough. It is certainly not an easy thing to have to deal with. What people don't realize in today's society is that it is very easy to get convicted of a DUI or DWI. Prominent members of your local communities are getting Driving Under the Influence convictions every day. The low B.A.C. laws are making it possible to have 1 drink with dinner, drive, get busted and labeled an alcoholic. You are indeed labeled an alcoholic by having a drunk driving record, you're made to undergo "alcohol counseling," sit through a MADD impact panel, and numerous other punishments. Why? Because you had a (meaning 1) glass of wine with your dinner and drove home. Now you are an alcoholic.

Not every D.U.I. conviction is like that, some do have problems, some do not. Until the state governments are not rewarded financially and socially for busting people for Driving Under the Influence, innocent people will undergo this humiliation, aggravation, and life long labeling. In the regular court system you are innocent until proven guilty. You have a presumed innocence. You get the benefit of the doubt so to speak, until your peers (a jury) say otherwise (guilty verdict). But not in a DUI case. You are presumed guilty and you must prove your innocence.

Your license is immediately suspended after you are "charged" with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). But you haven't been convicted of anything yet, right. So why is your license gone? Because you are presumed to be guilty.

Most states will plead down a murder charge but not a Driving Under the Influence charge. They will go "easier" on a suspected murderer than a suspected had one glass of wine and drove home didn't hurt nobody person. Why, you ask? Because of a little organization called MADD. Mother's Against Drunk Driving. They are a powerful organization in this country. Some would argue the most powerful organization in the country.

No one is saying that what happened to their innocent children should go unpunished. It is very sad that anyone would have to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially a loss that should never have happened. But how can you criminalize innocent people because of your unrelated loss?

Is George W. Bush, our current president to blame for the loss of all the MADD women's loved ones? He has a DUI conviction on his record. Is he responsible for the deaths? No, he isn't. He didn't kill anyone. He acted very irresponsibly, and showed poor judgement, yes. He should therefore be punished for irresponsibility and poor judgement, not murder. You see whenever someone gets a DUI conviction they are treated as if they murdered every innocent person that passed on at the hands of a drunk driver. Is that fair? We would say no, it's not fair, but it seems that the Organization MADD thinks it is fair and so far they are winning. They are winning in Congress, they are winning in Washington DC, they are winning in the White House, and they are winning in each of your home states.

Driving Under the Influence convictions are never a positive things to have, but by no means, but you know what. It should depend on the specific case as to how they are handled.

We have created a manual that can help ease the frustration of having a drunk driving conviction. It can help you pass employment background checks in regards to your DUI conviction. We also have a DMV manual that might be helpful as well. For more information, Click Here.

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